Malaysian GST calculator

Calculate GST with this simple Malaysian GST calculator. It can be used as well as reverse Goods and Services calculator. It is easy to calculate GST inclusive and exclusive prices.

What is GST rate in Malaysia?

Current GST rate in Malaysia is 6% for goods and services.

GST exceptions in Malaysia

Exports of goods and the supply of international services are zero-rated.

Malaysian Goods and Services tax history

In Malaysia the goods and services tax (GST) was introduced on April 1, 2015.

How to calculate Malaysian GST manually

  • To calculate Malaysian GST at 6% rate is very easy: just multiple your GST exclusive amount by 0.06.

$300 is GST exclusive value

$300 * 0.06 = $18 GST amount

  • To get GST inclusive amount multiply GST exclusive value by 1.06

$300 is GST exclusive value

$300 * 1.06 = $318 GST inclusive amount

  • To get GST part of GST inclusive amount you need divide GST inclusive amount by 106 and multiply by 6

$212 is GST inclusive value

($212 / 106) * 6 = $12 GST value

  • To get GST exclusive amount while knowing GST inclusive value you need to multiply GST inclusive price by 100 ant then divide result by 106

$212 is GST inclusive value


$21200/ 106 = $200

One Reply to “Malaysian GST calculator”

  1. Threshold amount is RM 500000. Suppose a business gets RM 600000, the calculation is
    600000RM -500000RM= 100000RMx5%,isn’t it?
    600000RMx5%. ?
    At the last 6month, business got 400000RM and this month gets 200000RM. That business is required to register and charged GST starting from effective registration date or calculation of chargeable GST amout is based on those 600000RM.

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