Egyptian GST calculator

Calculate GST with this simple Egyptian GST calculator. It can be used as well as reverse Goods and Services calculator. It is easy to calculate GST inclusive and exclusive prices.

What is GST rate in Egypt?

Current GST rate in Egypt is 14% for goods and services.

GST Exemptions

GST is levied on locally manufactured goods and imported goods except for goods exempted by a special measure.

Egyptian Goods and Services tax history

GST in Egypt was introduced on 3rd of May, 1991. Egypt is considering the introduction of a single rate VAT that would replace the GST and be imposed on most goods and services, but it is not decided when it will happen.

How to calculate Egyptian GST manually

  • To calculate Egyptian GST at 14% rate is very easy: just multiple your GST exclusive amount by 0.14.

$400 is GST exclusive value

$400 * 0.14 = $64 GST amount

  • To get GST inclusive amount multiply GST exclusive value by 1.14

$400 is GST exclusive value

$400 * 1.14 = $464 GST inclusive amount

  • To get GST part of GST inclusive amount you need divide GST inclusive amount by 114 and multiply by 14

$342 is GST inclusive value

($342 / 114) * 14 = $42 GST value

  • To get GST exclusive amount while knowing GST inclusive value you need to divide GST inclusive price by 1.14

$342 is GST inclusive value

$342 / 1.14 = $300

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